Best Salon in Denver reviews
  • What a beautiful location and truly friendly and kind people. Love Jessica, which is why I followed her here from her last salon, but WOW. So impressed. Nicole is so kind I felt so welcome. Peaceful, professional. I felt so spoiled!
  • Unpretentious salon which gives superior service. Would highly recommend to friends and family.
  • Excellent space in historic building. So light and airey. Always enjoy visiting with Jessica and haircut was great as usual. Excellent service and products. Located in a cute neighborhood with plenty of parking.
  • The Firehaus is a cute, friendly salon with wonderful doors that open up to let in the sunlight! The prices are not nearly as high as many other salons in Denver and the service is unbeatable!
  • YAY! I really enjoy the atmosphere at The Firehaus. It's laid back, people are relaxed and enjoying their day. I was a little early for my appt and watched Leslie take her time with the client before me. The haircut wasn't over until the client was satisfied, and there was no rush (which I like). This was my first, of now to be many, visits. Leslie took her time talking to me about what I wanted, how my hair behaves with coloring, etc. My hair turned out better than I expected. I now feel like my hair has a new attitude, one that has given me a new attitude. My haircut frames my face the right way, and the color blends well with my skintone and natural haircolor without looking too 'done'. Parking is in the back of the bldg and on the street. The parking lot in back is a little small, but I easily parked my large suv with other cars parked on both sides. The salon itself is very clean, and I liked the large open space of this once-was firehouse. The energetic music isn't too loud which is nice. I felt very much at home in my jeans and sneakers. Looking forward to visiting again!! Annie
  • Try walking around town for over a year with brassy orange and yellow hair. Spending thousands of dollars on numerous stylists who convinced you they knew what they were doing but they didn't. My last shot before I shaved my head and hung out at the airport was to give firehaus a try. Jessica not only gave me great color and highlights but she also gave me a great cut. I can now go out in public and look great, thank you so much.......
  • I relocated to Denver last summer and have gone thru 2 stylists... I pass Firehaus everyday and decided that is where my new amazing stylist is... I called and told the front desk girl what my hair is like and said I need a stylist who likes cutting womens hair thats short, various lengths of layers and piecey. She suggest Che' and was that ever the best fit! He's been doing hair I believe 13 + years. He's amazing with the shears... so confident he could do it in his sleep!! I highly recommend Che if you have an edgy complicated full of layers haircut... he's the edward sissorhands of hairstyling! And the salon is a historic firehouse... soooo cool!